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Training and Skills Development

Continuous learning and career development are strategic levers ensuring that OCP employees always contribute new ideas and innovate regardless of their field of expertise. The Corporate Training Institute develops and implements tailored training programs that address both OCP’s strategic needs and the skills required to meet these needs.

The Corporate Training Institute

Since its launch in 2009, the Corporate Training Institute has focused on developing specialized programs for the Group’s various businesses, and offering a broad range of management programs in partnership with leading global academic institutions. The Institute’s programs are sponsored by OCP’s top management who work closely with the Institute’s management to ensure alignment with OCP’s strategic objectives. The Institute also organizes yearly integration seminars for new hires, as well as frequent conferences led by renowned speakers on a diversity of topics.

The Industrial Competencies Centers

OCP has undertaken an overhaul of its industrial training programs to expand the reach and diversify the offer. Four Industrial Competencies Centers (ICC) were created in order to meet the OCP’s industrial strategic needs. These Centers are also designed to encourage innovation and promote the industrial development of OCP and its ecosystem through training programs meeting the highest international standards.  

The Khouribga, Benguerir, Safi and Jorf Lasfar Industrial Competencies Centers were launched in 2014 and can host up to 5000 trainees, on a 57000 m2 area of built facilities.

Thanks to a highly qualified body of expert trainers, the Industrial Competencies Centers can cater tailored training offers to the various OCP client entities.

The ICC deliver programs primarily related to manufacturing, maintenance, Safety, Health and the Environment, as well as management and OCP Production System. More specifically, the various training cycles will offer courses in the following fields:  mechanic, welding, electrical and electronics, mining, chemicals, and security standards. Furthermore, the Centers will rely on high end technological equipment to deliver the best pedagogical impacts.

In the long run, the ICC are set to expand their offer and to ultimately stand as a leading actor in building industrial competences and skills for OCP and its ecosystem: partnerships will be established with renowned training professionals, and programs will continuously evolve to address larger capacity building needs, such as those related to logistics, water treatment and clean energy.