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OCP is a community of talents. Since our creation in 1920s, every single member of the OCP community has had an impact on our growth, and has taken pride in ensuring that our larger communities in Morocco and abroad share into this growth sustainably.

OCP’s women and men are truly the shapers and makers of OCP’s legacy. This fundamental belief that our sustainability lays in the hands of hardworking, talented individuals, prompted our focus on Human Capital management by ensuring that OCP not only attracts the best profiles, but also provides its staff with the tools and resources to foster innovation, and nurture continuous learning and personal growth. As OCP’s strategic growth keeps moving curves, we equally ensure that our employees always move ahead of the curve.

Whether freshly graduated from university, or mid-career talent, joining OCP means contributing to a great mission and seeking to make a real difference. Our talented employees share into the belief that taking on challenges is what powers and drives our performance, and makes us a leader.

One of the most important challenges of our times lays at the very heart of our mission of feeding the soil to feed the planet: The industrial transformation spearheaded to support this mission reveals the strategic importance of OCP’s Human Capital:  to achieve operational excellence, our employees improve processes efficiency, mainstreaming performance as a driver for change  and ensuring the health and safety of all.