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Working at OCP

In touch with our roots

OCP is more than just a company. It is a legacy rooted in over 95 years of continuous commitment to sustainable development in Morocco and the world. What started as a company located in Morocco is now a global company with offices in five continents and a large diversity of talents infusing the OCP culture with new ideas, skills, and a variety of mindsets. Our working environment is constantly evolving to meet our business and transformation ambitions. OCP employees are proud to be part of such unique legacy, always building upon the strengths of the past 95 years to envision a future rooted in a rich excellence-oriented culture. Working at OCP provides each and every one of our employees with a deep sense of pride: the pride of being part of a great mission and sharing into strong common values.    

Social Benefits: Growing also means caring

In addition to a rich and empowering culture, OCP is committed to providing its employees with a best in class working environment: ensuring health and safety and investing in the well-being of our employees and their families are top priorities. A competitive health plan coverage, coupled with a large offer of leisure and sports activities, are just a few examples of OCP’s strong social commitment to all its employees.

Career growth: So much room to bloom

In addition to training, OCP employees are provided with mobility opportunities throughout their career. These opportunities enable them to acquire multidisciplinary skills, be agile, and achieve optimal career growth. This is how our unique community of talents allows us to stand out as a strong leader in a highly competitive environment.

OCP offers a broad range of opportunities in many disciplines:

  • Chemical and Mining manufacturing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Strategy and Corporate Development
  • R&D
  • Industrial Engineering and Construction
  • Finances and Insurance
  • Human Capital
  • Maintenance
  • Sustainable Development
  • Information Systems
  • Communication
  • Purchasing
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Security and Health at Work
  • Audit
  • Organization
  • Legal Affairs