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OCP is in touch with the market, thanks to its global foothold and broad base of international customers, and holds one third of the world export market share of phosphate in all its forms.
OCP adopts a proactive business strategy based on anticipating our customer needs and adapting to them. The objective is to be well acquainted with customers and their needs in order to offer them customized solutions.

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To this end, OCP opened offices around the world (such as: Paris, Saõ Paulo, New Delhi, Buenos Aires, Istanbul) and established several joint-ventures, such as BSFT, a trading company based in Turkey, and OCP Fertilizantes, a local fertilizer distributing company in Brazil. The Group also launched Performance Phosphate Products, a new range of products that are adapted to customers’ needs, including delivery-related logistics services.
The OCP business model is a bespoke offering of products and logistics services that delivers responsiveness and cost control to clients.
OCP’s industrial edge allows it to exercise its business leadership upstream, which puts it at the forefront of the phosphate market across the value chain.