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A key international player since 1920

As a global leader in the phosphate and phosphate derivatives markets, OCP has been a key player in the international market since its founding in 1920.

OCP is integrated across the entire phosphate value chain, extracting, marketing and selling phosphate and its derivatives, phosphoric acid and fertilizers. We are the world’s largest exporter of phosphate rock and phosphoric acid, as well as one of the world’s largest producers of fertilizer.

OCP extracts phosphate; processes ore, transforming the raw material into an intermediate liquid, phosphoric acid; and produces finished products, such as fertilizers and purified phosphoric acid.
The variety and quality of phosphate sources found in Morocco’s soil are among the best in the world and ensure the richness of the products we offer. Our business strategy is based on developing a portfolio of innovative and high-quality products that can be adapted to a wide variety of soil and plants. OCP’s broad industrial capacity, coupled with our flexible production system, ensure an optimal cost structure.

An engaged corporate citizen, OCP is committed to delivering on our environmental, economic, and social responsibilities every day.

Environmental Responsibilities

OCP believes our actions to preserve the environment and our commitment to sustainable development create value for the company and contribute positively to our bottom line. The Company’s environmental policy considers both current realities and future expectations, and was designed to strengthen our international presence and national leadership.

Economic Responsibilities

OCP creates jobs and contributes to local economies both directly, through local recruitment and hiring practices, and indirectly, through our many relationships with industry partners, subcontractors and service providers. These related industrial, real estate, social and leisure projects create as many new jobs within our local economies each year as we add to our internal organization, thus doubling the reach of our employment efforts.

Social Responsibilities

OCP maintains a permanent and constructive dialogue with our employees through an annual collective bargaining agreement and implements social and cultural projects at our various operational sites.  OCP’s social, educational, cultural and medical infrastructure benefits all of our employees, as well as the people living in the areas in which we operate.

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