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More than 70 million years ago, the world’s largest reserves of phosphate formed under Morocco’s land. More recently, in 1920, OCP began to develop these precious resources.
The magnificent adventure of the last 94 years at OCP has been possible because of the dedication of the women and men of the OCP family, who respond to the fundamental challenge that we face: feeding the earth to feed the planet.

As the exclusive caretaker of the world’s largest phosphate resources, OCP has always had a deeply rooted commitment to protecting global food security, through our role in sustainably increasing agricultural productivity. This core value is embodied in our entire OCP team, inspiring our vision and empowering our team to work, innovate and deliver a shared benefit for the world’s population.

Today, while we are proud of our successful efforts, both nationally and internationally, to advance this vision, we still have much work to do. Our quest for improved performance only makes sense if it responds to the needs of our many and diverse stakeholders.

At the national level, we contribute to the wealth and well-being of Morocco, not only by our exports, but by our close collaboration, as a socially responsible company, with small holder farmers, SME’s, IDE’s and the local communities that surround our operations. We strive to further contribute to our local communities and beyond through our strong commitment to respect and preserve our environment while promoting the development of the broader economic ecosystem with energy and creativity.

Internationally, OCP is strengthening its anchor position in global phosphate markets and is responding to rising global demand by undertaking a major capital investment and industrial development program .

At the same time, we are increasing our efforts to build partnerships and share our expertise and experience, especially with farmers in developing countries, through a variety of innovative South-South partnerships. In particular,  we are increasing our presence and efforts in Africa, a rising continent with vast agricultural potential, and a continent to which we are proud to belong.

Within OCP, a key priority is the continued development of our human capital. Our assets and our future reside in these thousands of skilled and dedicated women and men who work at every level of OCP. Our shared enterprising spirit, rigor and enthusiasm are the keystones of our growth.

It is in this sharing that we find the soul of our company, the basis of its success and of its sustained growth. It is this sharing that, day by day, harnesses the power of our dedication to service our local communities and beyond.



Mostafa Terrab, Chairman and CEO