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Industrial Ecosystem

OCP is strongly dedicated to developing its surrounding industrial ecosystems, and believes that its continued development and performance is linked to that of its industrial ecosystem.

OCP has the means and opportunity to develop its ecosystems: First, its Procurement Policy, in general, along with its major investment program, was developed to boost the Moroccan SMEs and attract world renowned industrial partners. The second and largest lever lies in our human capital’s widely recognized ability to transfer skills and expertise to businesses in our industrial ecosystem. Finally, the Group’s financial capacity enables it to support developing SMEs and the investments of its partners.

OCP uses two main tools to develop its industrial ecosystem: partnerships and training.  Partnerships, in various forms, allow OCP to structure its relationships with numerous stakeholders and investors in its industrial ecosystem. Whether through equity investments, JVs, co-development, R&D or commercial contracts, OCP provides its partners with structured frameworks for investment, skill development, and thus, improved performance. Partnerships made with Jacobs and DuPont are good examples which have had both a strong impact on its industrial ecosystem and provided growth opportunities.

Additionally, OCP heavily invests in training. The Mohammed VI Green City, along with its Mohammed VI University, aims to become a center of academic excellence and R&D at the national level. In addition, the OCP Skills program is designed to support, through vocational training, youth from our industrial ecosystem and provide them with the tools needed to enter the workforce.