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R&D and Innovation

With more than 170 researchers - including PhDs, engineers and high level technicians- R&D at OCP fully covers the Group’s integrated industrial value chain, from geology to the end products.

The main mission of R&D at OCP:

  • To drive innovation in the phosphate industry,
  • To develop new products and technologies, create value and support OCP Group leadership,
  • To improve OCP’s operations, performance and enhance OCP technological capacity,
  • To implement world class R&D practices to serve a world class Group.


R&D sites:

OCP’s R&D is conducted across three carefully planned initiatives:

The first initiative is Operational R&D which is closely linked to the production and industrial processes. It aims to improve production performances, particularly in terms of efficiency, protection against corrosion of equipment facilities and energy efficiency.
The second initiative, known as R&D of Differentiation, refers to continuous research on product quality enhancement to improve our competitive positioning in the market.
The third initiative is Disruptive Research. It strives to develop new, niche products and innovative technologies with an unwavering focus on eco-design. Based on continuous and open innovation, breakthrough research is  a major innovation lever.

R&D Scope: