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Office of the Ombudsman: First Annual Report

OCP Group's Office of the Ombudsman, created in February 2016 to mediate between the Group and all the players in its ecosystem, has just published its first activity report. This first year has been characterized by a gradual increase that has generated convincing results. A dynamic that is illustrated by the volume of grievances supported, the diversity of themes treated and the quality of the recommendations and impact on the applicants, the Group and its entire ecosystem. In total, the Office of the Ombudsman received 132 grievances during the period of March 2016 - February 2017, of which 71% were found to be eligible. However, where possible, some non-eligible grievances have been addressed. During the same period, no less than 85% of the eligible grievances were resolved. And of the remaining 15%, 11% were in process and 4% in the final settlement phase in February of the current year. 71% of the mediations carried out resulted in a satisfactory settlement for the applicants. To achieve these positive results, the Office of the Ombudsman teams conducted a total of more than 190 hearings with the parties concerned with the grievances. During the processing phase, the hearings were divided into 92 complaints concerning applicants, and 102 concerning employees and entities of the Group.

The themes most in demand by all stakeholders were, in order of frequency: payment deadlines, indirect subcontracting and purchasing procedures. Of the 132 applications filed in the period from March 2016 to the end of February 2017, 43 involved billings and outstanding contracts, which represents 33% of complaints, the highest frequency. And for good reason, this theme is directly related to corporate cash flow and in fact to the sustainability of the activity. The problem of payment deadlines is therefore central, and the Group, as an industrial driver, aims to show a real example in this area. Fully aware of this fact, the Office of the Ombudsman has made it its top priority. The Office of the Ombudsman also took advantage of these hearings to interact with the requesting companies. They were asked about their experience with OCP, their perception of the Group, the main problems encountered, but also their suggestions for remedying them. The Bureau also welcomed the applicant companies and the OCP managers for their remarkable spirit of openness and cooperation, guaranteeing the success of a large majority of mediations. Fully committed to promoting local industrial integration, the Office of the Ombudsman intends to build a climate of lasting trust with stakeholders in its local ecosystem.

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