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Panama Statement

The First Maritime Court of Panama has rendered its judgment regarding the attempt to seize the ship Ultra Innovation carrying a cargo of Moroccan phosphate from Phosboucraa, dismissing the case brought by the polisario front.

In its June 5th decision, the Court ruled that a domestic court is not the appropriate venue to consider purely political matters. It also ruled that there is indeed no evidence demonstrating that the cargo on board belongs to the plaintiffs.

We commend and welcome the Court’s ruling, which is important for several reasons. First, it halts this attempt by the polisario to disrupt the significant economic and social development of the Southern Provinces of Morocco. Second, it reaffirms the principle that national courts are not the appropriate venue for the resolution of international and political matters such as this. Third, it makes clear that the polisario has no legitimate claim to ownership, but is merely trying to undermine the recognized international political process currently and actively led by the UN Security Council.

Regarding the similar attempt in Port Elizabeth, the South African Court has, just today, postponed issuing its ruling initially expected June 9, until June 15. We remain confident that the law and the facts are on our side.

Phosboucraa remains committed to serving our customers and actively supporting the socioeconomic development of the region.

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