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Corporate Purchasing Policy


  • Responsibility and accountability in purchase management
  • Honesty and integrity in relationships with stakeholders
  • Rigour and consistency in exercising competences
  • Clarity and transparency in disseminating information


  • To be acknowledged as a mining business that is high-performing in relation to managing its social and environmental challenges, in order to maximise value creation
  • Operate in a context of fundamental principles of good governance, of ethics, and of its ambitions and actions for the development of the national and regional industrial fabric, in line with current rules and legislation.

Fundamental principles:                  

Optimise purchasing efficiency

OCP develops a cultural of professional purchasing based on the following four priorities:

  • making tailored purchasing procedures available
  • buyers to acquire new skills
  • purchasing by cross-cutting team and in project mode
  • renewal of practices with shared methods

Improve the quality of relationships with suppliers
OCP aims at encouraging its commercial partners, suppliers, and sub-contractors to adopt OCP guidelines and directives from OCP and from international bodies, in order to guarantee responsible, sustainable development.

Develop purchasing based on innovation and responsibility
Transparency and integrity
Build trust with local communities by cultivating dialogue and by encouraging those local communities’ initiatives in relation to sustainable development.

Economic efficiency and effectiveness
Contribute to the dynamism of the mining sector by seeking to optimise, for Morocco, spin-offs from our activities and their associated benefits. To that end, encourage our staff to keep up their skills.