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New mode of call for tender annoucement

Starting from 15 December 2014,

Consult all OCP calls for bids!


You can get direct access to all calls for bids in the pre-launch phase.


Visit the OCP E-SUPPLY Purchase platform


Click on https://tenders.ocp.ma


Dicover The New Mode Of Ocp Call For Tender Annoucement

Today, the new mode of call for tender announcement is part of OCP’s commitment to optimize collaboration with its existing and potential suppliers and partners. OCP’s approach aims at developing reliable, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships will all its suppliers and partners.


Starting from 15 December 2014, you will have full access to all of the Group’s current or upcoming calls for tender* in the pre-launch phase, directly through OCP E-SUPPLY Purchase platform, or via the link https://tenders.ocp.ma. You can participate for those that are of interest to you.


The Group has already implemented on last October 2013 the OCP E-SUPPLY Purchase platform giving its suppliers and partners access to an on-line collaboration solution. The platform is fully digitized and help optimize transactional exchanges, as part of OCP’s process re-engineering & digitization policy.


Starting from 15 December 2014, you can participate to any OCP’s call for bids. For it, you need to meet three conditions :
1. Consult the list of OCP tenders** that will be in the pre-launch stage.
2. Iidentify the call (s) to tender you think you are able to meet, given the expertise of your company and similar reference projects you have.
3. Fill in, through the OCP E-SUPPLY Purchase platform, all needed information and details for each tender, that support your eligibility to meet OCP’s specific need.


Open to all existing and potential suppliers, all of the Group’s current or upcoming calls for tender in the pre-launch phase are directly accessible through ocp e-supply purchase platform. This new approach offers to you the possibility to increase your transaction opportunities with ocp, and explore diversity of business sectors and activities as well as expertise from which we can benefit.


Consult the OCP E-SUPPLY Purchase platform!

(*) The consultation is not conditioned by prior SEO.
(**) It is meant that a call for launch preparation bids are for a fixed term and date displayed. After this period, they will not be visible on the list.