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Community & Ecosystem Development

OCP fully assumes its economic and social responsibility towards Morocco and Moroccans. Its commitment to Moroccan society is written in its DNA, reflects its deep integration within its own close-knit socio-economicl environment.

OCP makes substantial investments in social infrastructure to benefit the communities and regions where our manufacturing businesses are located. Our efforts focus on health and education, particularly through the building or renovation of healthcare centres and schools, the building of youth centres, and by providing school transport.

Furthermore, OCP has launched a program for young people, OCP Skills. OCP pursues its long-term commitment to youth through the creation of Skills Centres, genuine platforms for learning, exchange and openness. This program has three main components: offering training to young people seeking improved employment opportunities, assisting and counseling local firms, and providing support to non-governmental associations.

Developing the local economy:

As Morocco’s largest employer and consumer of goods, OCP is keen to demonstrate its commitment to the country’s economic and social development. Through its core business, OCP creates an ecosystem around the local communities of its sites by creating work opportunities directly and through subcontracting.

OCP stimulates entrepreneurship and various initiatives in Morocco by creating, amongst other programs, the Sustainable Development Department and the OCP Foundation, which are dedicated to supporting and promoting culture and education, and protecting the environment.